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  • Max Meldrum, Klas Segeljakt, Lars Kroll, Paris Carbone, Christian Schulte, Seif Haridi - Arcon: Continuous and Deep Data Stream Analytics - BIRTE @ VLDB 2019 (preprint)

  • Lars Kroll, Klas Segeljakt, Paris Carbone, Christian Schulte, Seif Haridi - Arc: An IR for Batch and Stream Programming - DBPL @ PLDI 2019 (preprint)

  • Theodore Vasiloudis, Gianmarco De Francisci Morales, and Henrik Boström. - Quantifying Uncertainty in Online Regression Forests. - Journal of Machine Learning Research 2019 (preprint)

  • Theodore Vasiloudis, Hyunsu Cho, Henrik Boström - Block-distributed Gradient Boosted Trees - ACM SIGIR 2019 (Best Short Paper Award) (preprint)

  • Salman Niazi, Mikael Ronström. Seif Haridi, Jim Dowling - Size Matters: Improving the Performance of Small Files in Hadoop - ACM Middleware 2018

  • Z Abbas, V Kalavri, P Carbone, V Vlassov - Streaming graph partitioning: an experimental study - VLDB 2018

  • Vasiliki Kalavri, Vladimir Vlassov, Seif Haridi - High-level programming abstractions for distributed graph processing-IEEE Transactions in Knowledge Data Engineering (TKDE Journal) 2018

  • Sherif Sakr, Tilmann Rabl, Martin Hirzel , Paris Carbone, Martin Strohbach - Dagstuh Seminar on Big Stream Processing SIGMOD Record 2018

  • Lars Kroll, Paris Carbone, Seif Haridi - Kompics Scala: narrowing the gap between algorithmic specification and executable code (ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Scala 2017)

  • Carbone, P., Ewen, S., Fóra, G., Haridi, S., Richter, S., & Tzoumas, K. - State management in Apache Flink®: consistent stateful distributed stream processing. Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (2017)

  • Lars Kroll, Jim Dowling, Seif Haridi - Static Type Checking for the Kompics Component Model: Kola – The Kompics Language - PMLDC @ ECOOP 2016

  • Carbone, P., Katsifodimos, A., Ewen, S., Markl, V., Haridi, S., & Tzoumas, K. . - Apache flink: Stream and batch processing in a single engine. Bulletin of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Data Engineering, (2015)

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