Arc-Script is a high-level programming language for continuous and deep analytics. Arc-MLIR is an optimizable intermediate representation which Arc-Script compiles to.

Why use Arc-Script?

  • Arc-Script is fun to write code in, easy to learn and is designed for great readability.
  • Arc-Script is integrated with IDEs through the language server protocol and web-editors through WebAssembly.
  • Arc-Script is productive. Developers can write and reuse Arc-Script modules for different applications with overlapping requirements.
  • Arc-script is extensible by allowing integration with external Rust libraries.
  • Arc-Script is real-time by being able to express arbitrary streaming computation through asynchronous functions.
  • Arc-Script is fast by being compiled to native Rust and optimized by MLIR to execute on the Arcon runtime.

Lead Developer

Klas Segeljakt  


  1. Arc: An IR for Batch and Stream Programming @ International Symposium on Database Programming Languages (DBPL ’19)


Arcon is a distributed execution engine for real-time analytics.


  • Developed in Rust for highly efficient code and no garbage collection
  • Arrow-native
  • Hybrid Columnar/Row System
  • Dynamic & Scalable Middleware through Kompact
  • Flexible State Management

Lead Developer

Max Meldrum  


  1. Arcon: Continuous and Deep Data Stream Analytics @ BIRTE 2019: Proceedings of Real-Time Business Intelligence and Analytics